Extra Large Exercise Mat (183cm x 116cm)

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Ever done mountain climbers on a normal fitness mat? It’s impossible without your feet slipping and your face falling flat on the floor. This Extra Large Exercise Mat from Core Balance eliminates such problems. Extra-long and extra-wide, it gives you the room you need for any workout.

Room to Manoeuvre

Whereas standard mats measure 173cm x 61cm, this mat measures 183cm x 116cm. As well as giving you more room to exercise, it’s perfect for performing wide stance yoga poses.

Eco-Friendly TPE 

The mat is made from a single layer of closed-cell TPE foam which is non-toxic, free from harmful chemicals, and uses up less energy during manufacturing than other types of foam. 

Non-Slip Base & Top 

A textured non-slip pattern on each side of the mat helps to keep it firmly in place on smooth flooring whilst providing the supreme grip required to maintain your balance and stability.

Easy to Clean 

Because TPE is a closed-cell foam, it doesn’t absorb moisture. This allows you to easily wipe it clean using warm, soapy water, so it’s hygienic to use when you next come round to practise.

Velcro Carry Strap

The mat also includes a Velcro strap to keep it in place when it’s rolled up and easily store it away. With a weight of 1.2kg, it’s a breeze to carry to classes and use wherever you go.


  • Longer and wider than a normal mat
  • Single-layered TPE foam construction
  • Eco-friendlier than PVC and NBR foam
  • Non-slip textured surface on both sides
  • Velcro strap to easily store and carry
  • Size: L183cm x W116cm x D0.6cm (approx.)
  • Rolled up: 116cm x 14cm x 14cm (approx.)
  • Lightweight design: 1.2kg (approx.)
  • Extra-large exercise mat measures L183cm x W116cm which is 10cm longer and almost double the width of a standard exercise mat
  • Extra space allows you to perform a wider range of exercises and wide stance yoga poses without the fear of slipping or tripping over
  • Made from high-density 6mm thick TPE foam which combines comfortable cushioning with the firmness required to hold your balance
  • Designed with a non-slip pattern on each side to deliver supreme grip on smooth flooring and prevent your hands and feet from slipping
  • Lightweight (1.2kg) with a Velcro strap to keep it secure when rolled up, easily store it away, and comfortably carry it wherever you go
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Product Details

Extra Large to Expand Your Workout Space

  • Supersize your workout and smash your fitness goals with our Extra Large Exercise Mat. Whereas most mats measure 173cm x 61cm, the XL measures 183cm x 116cm to work out to the max.
  • From mountain climbers to wide stance yoga poses, it's perfect for exercises that require extra space. Unlike a smaller mat, there's no danger of your hands and feet slipping off the sides.

Extra Strong for High-Intensity Exercises

  • With its double layered TPE foam construction, the XL is supremely comfortable to work out on. What's more, it's super strong to easily stand up to high-impact exercises and HIIT workouts.
  • At 6mm thick, it also gives you a firm connection with the floor for greater balance during yoga. Plus, TPE is shock-absorbent to reduce the impact on your joints if you’re practising Pilates.
Measures L183cm x W116cm with a thickness of 6mm
10cm longer and up to 55cm wider than a standard mat
Multi-purpose mat to use for exercise, yoga, and Pilates
Made from durable, non-absorbent closed-cell TPE foam
Textured non-slip pattern on both sides for ultimate grip
Sweat-proof, easy to clean, and BPA and phthalates free
Comes with a Velcro travel strap to easily store and carry
Measures 116cm x 14cm and weighs 1.2kg when strapped

Key Information

Non-Slip Back & Front

With its marbled textured top, our extra-large fitness mat is super grippy to keep you safe from any slip-ups. Plus, it has a patterned non-slip base, making it perfect for using on smooth, hard flooring.

Hygienic & Easy to Clean

As a non-absorbent foam, TPE doesn't soak up sweat, plus it's easy to clean to keep it free from funky smells. Also, it's BPA and Phthalates free, making it kinder to the environment and your skin.

Velcro Strap Included

Finished your workout? Simply roll the mat up and secure it using the Velcro strap included. When rolled up and strapped, it measures 116cm x 14cm x 14cm and weighs 1.2kg to easily store away.

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