Pilates Mat with Strap (10mm Thick)

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Designed with a depth of 10mm, this Core Balance & Pilates Exercise Mat is thicker and spongier than a standard mat for superior cushioning and comfort when you’re working out. 

High-Impact Absorption 

The exercise mat is made from NBR foam which is more shock-absorbent than other types of foam to protect you from muscle impact injuries, reduce fatigue, and workout to the max. 

Hygienic & Easy To Clean 

Another benefit of NBR foam is that it has a closed-cell structure which prevents it absorbing too much sweat and moisture. As a result, it’s more hygienic to use and easy to wipe clean. 

Textured Non-Slip Surface

Our NBR mat has a unique groove pattern on its surface to give you greater grip. This helps to improve your balance and stability when practising Pilates and other exercises.

Compact Carry Strap Included 

Our mat has a lightweight and compact design to easily carry. It weighs 850g when rolled up and includes a loop-over strap to easily sling over your shoulder and carry to classes. 

Perfect For Pilates & Physiotherapy 

Because the NBR mat is shock-absorbent, it’s perfect for Pilates, physiotherapy, recovery training, and other exercises that focus on low-impact flexibility, strength, and endurance.

  • Exercise mat measures 180cm x 60cm and is 10mm thick to provide ultimate cushioning and comfort when you’re working out
  • Extra-thick to reduce the impact on your joints and muscles, making it perfect for Pilates, physio, and low-impact exercises
  • NBR foam has a closed-cell structure to prevent it absorbing too much sweat, making it hygienic to use and easier to clean
  • Designed with a textured ‘groove’ surface to give you greater grip and stability when practising Pilates and other exercises
  • Lightweight and compact when rolled up with an attachable loop-over strap to easily sling over your shoulder and carry to classes
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Product Details

Excellent Cushioning & Protection

  • Love Pilates? Show your bones and joints some TLC with our Pilates Mat. Made from extra-thick 10mm foam, it provides ultimate cushioning and protection when you're practising Pilates.
  • Pilates moves require your spine and other bony parts to connect with the floor. Whereas a thin mat is a one way ticket to pains and strains, our Pilates mat is your pass to perfect comfort.

Perfect for Pilates, Physio & More

  • Made from high-density, closed-cell NBR foam which has high-impact absorption to reduce the strain on your bones, joints, and muscles. Plus, it reduces fatigue when you're working out.
  • By keeping you cushioned and protected, our NBR mat is also great for physiotherapy and recovery training. Not to mention low-impact exercises, such as squats, lunges, and bicycle crunches.
10mm thick Pilates mat measures L180cm x W60cm 
Non-slip base for exceptional grip on smooth flooring
Extra-thick for superior cushioning and protection
Comes with a loop-on strap to carry wherever you go
Closed-cell NBR foam for high-impact absorption
Measures 60cm x 17cm and weighs 850g when strapped
Non-absorbent for easy cleaning and hygienic use 
Perfect for Pilates, physio, and low-impact exercises

Key Information

Textured Non-Slip Base

If you're using the Pilates mat on smooth flooring, there's no need to worry about it sliding around. Thanks to the groove pattern on its base, it provides excellent grip to safeguard from slip ups.

Hygienic & Easy to Clean

As a closed-cell foam, NRB is less absorbent, making it easy to clean. If it gets dirty, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Better still, it absorbs less sweat to stay fresh, hygienic, and free from smells.

Travel Strap Included

Looking to practise Pilates away from your home? No problem. Simply roll the mat up and secure it using its Velcro strap to take it wherever you go. With a weight of 850g, it's super-light to carry!

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