Non Slip Yoga Mat with Strap

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Exercising on a hard surface increases the strain on joint and muscles, which is why a comfortable surface is key to a balanced work out. The Core Balance 6mm Foam Exercise Mat is made from 6mm thick PVC foam to lower fatigue and reduce the risk of injury, enabling you to work out for even longer. The mat features a textured non-slip surface which provides a good, sticky grip for superior support and stability when stretching. This makes it perfect for practising complex yoga positions that require a great deal of balance. It also prevents the mat sliding around on smooth surfaces such as laminate flooring. Features: 0.6cm thick PVC foam. Textured grip for stability whilst stretching. Non-slip, lightweight and quick-drying. Shoulder carry strap included for easy storage and transportation. Size: L173cm x W61cm x D0.6cm.

  • Specially designed to provide the balance and stability you need for yoga practise
  • 6mm thick to give you a greater connection with the floor and improve your balance
  • Grippy non-slip PVC foam provides superior grip and helps to stop it sliding around
  • Measures L173cm x W61cm when laid out flat and L61cm x W11cm when rolled up
  • Comes with a loop-over shoulder strap to easily carry to yoga retreats and classes
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Product Details

Yoga Journeys Start with a Yoga Mat

  • Starting your yoga journey? Say hello to our grippy Non-Slip Yoga Mat. Perfect for beginners, it has a thickness of 6mm to create a firm yet comfortable surface and help you master any pose.
  • Yoga's all about balance. Struggle to hold it and you'll be toppling over like a felled oak whenever you try a tree pose. So, we've put grip and stability at the forefront of our mat's design.

Perfect for Yoga & Light Exercises

  • Made from PVC foam to provide a nice, sticky grip and strike a perfect balance between stability and comfort. Although it isn't the strongest foam, it's supreme grip makes it great for yoga.
  • Bear in mind that this is a yoga mat, people. Not a fitness mat! Using it for burpees and other high-impact exercises could cause the foam to scuff and flake. So, be sure to play it gentle.
Measures L171cm x W61cm (size of a standard yoga mat) 
Textured non-slip top for extra grip during yoga practise
6mm thick to give you a firmer connection with the floor
Textured bottom to stop it sliding on smooth, hard flooring
Firmness aids stability and balance to easily hold a pose
Comes with a loop-on strap to easily carry to yoga classes
Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam for superior grip 
Measures 61cm x 11cm and weighs 1kg when strapped

Key Information

Grippy Non-Slip Surface

We've designed the mat with a textured non-slip surface on the top and bottom. When compressed, it creates suction to give your hands and feet superior grip and stop it sliding on smooth flooring.

Firm & Stable Connection

If a yoga mat is too thick and spongy, it can impact your stability and balance. Thankfully, our mat is 6mm thick to give your hands and feet a firm connection with the floor and easily hold your pose.

Travel Strap Included

Taking up a yoga class? Take your mat with you! Because it comes with a Velcro strap, you can easily carry it wherever you yoga-ga-go. And with a weight of 1kg, you'll hardly know you're carrying it.

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