1. Set of Core Balance Vinyl Kettlebells, ranging from 2kg to 12kg
    Vinyl Kettlebell (2kg to 12kg)
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  2. Set of Core Balance Neoprene Kettlebells, ranging from 4kg to 20kg
    Neoprene Kettlebell (4kg to 20kg)
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For a full body workout, you can’t go wrong with a good kettlebell. Whereas dumbbells have a weight on either side for balanced distribution, a kettlebell has a single weight with a handle on top. As a result, it challenges your muscles in a completely different way. For example, if you’re doing a kettlebell swing, the weight distribution changes throughout the movement to challenge every muscle. What’s more, the dynamic movement of a kettlebell exercise raises your heartrate to improve your cardio fitness.

In addition to concrete kettlebells with a vinyl coating, we stock heavy-duty cast-iron kettlebells which have a neoprene-coated weight. Whilst our vinyl kettlebells range from 2kg to 12kg and are great for beginners, our neoprene kettlebells range from 4kg to 20kg and are perfect for experienced users. Both types have wide handles to comfortably grip with one hand or two and perform a wide range of exercises. As well as dynamic exercises, like kettlebell swings, they’re ideal for squats, deadlifts, lunges, and more.

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