Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat with Strap

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Strike a pose with perfect balance and smash your yoga goals with this Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat from Core Balance. The mat features Asana Alignment lines to position your body correctly and unique CoreGrip™ technology to deliver the strongest grip and balance.

Natural Rubber

The mat is made from 4mm thick natural rubber and polyurethane which are biodegradable on landfill. Rubber is also more environmentally friendly than foam and doesn’t curl up like foam.

CoreGrip™ Technology

Core Balance have designed the mat using their unique CoreGrip™ technology which provides unparalleled grip for ultimate balance and stability when you’re practising yoga poses.

Asana Alignment Lines

The mat features laser-etched Asana Alignment lines with essential eye, hand, and body positions, allowing you to easily position your body correctly and perform a perfect pose.

Extra Wiggle Room

With a length of 183cm and width of 68cm, the mat is 7cm wider than a standard yoga mat. Whereas most have very little wiggle room, it provides plenty of space for your asana practise.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the mat is easy. Soak a towel in mild soap and water and thoroughly squeeze it out, before gently wiping down the mat. Once you’ve cleaned it, hang it up until completely dry.

Velcro Strap Included

The mat comes with a Velcro strap to prevent it coming loose when rolled up and easily store it away. When rolled up, the mat measures L70cm x W11cm x D11cm and weighs 2.7kg.


  • Eco-friendly natural rubber with PU coating
  • CoreGrip™ technology for superior grip
  • Laser-etched Asana Alignment lines
  • 7cm wider than a standard mat for extra space
  • Velcro strap to easily roll up and store away
  • Size: L183cm x W68cm x D0.4cm (approx.)
  • Lightweight design: 2.7kg (approx.)
  • Rubber yoga mat measures 4mm thick with laser-etched Asana Alignment Lines to position your body correctly and perform poses like a pro
  • Made from natural rubber, which is stronger, grippier, and more environmentally friendly than the foam materials used on most exercise mats
  • PU coating on the mat has been designed using our exclusive CoreGrip™ technology to provide unparalleled grip and easily hold a pose
  • Measures L183cm x W68cm which is 7cm wider than a standard yoga mat and gives you plenty of space to master wide-stance yoga poses
  • Includes a Velcro strap to secure it when rolled up and easily store it away (measures 70cm x 11cm x 11cm and weighs 2.7kg when rolled up)
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Product Details

The Mat You Need to Master Yoga Poses

  • Struggling to pull off a yoga pose? Say hello to our Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat. Not only is it supremely strong and grippy, but it gives you the guidance you need to master any yoga pose.
  • Designed with laser-etched asana alignment lines (unique to Core Balance, don’t you know) with key hand and body positions. Perfect for positioning yourself correctly when practising a pose.

Perfect for Yoga, Pilates & Home Workouts

  • At 4mm thick, the mat gives you a firm connection with the floor for optimal balance when practising a pose. Plus, it’s 7cm wider than most mats to practise those wide stance yoga poses.
  • Fancy mixing up your workout? As a rubber mat, its super strong to cope with high-impact, high-intensity exercises. Plus, its shock-absorbent to protect your bones if you're practising Pilates.
Measures 183cm x 68cm (7cm wider than a standard mat)
Eco-friendly rubber is non-slip and doesn't curl up like foam
Laser-etched Asana Alignment Lines to assist with yoga poses
Lines guide you on how to position hands and feet correctly
PU foam top with CoreGrip tech for ultimate grip and balance
4mm thick for enhanced stability when holding a yoga pose
Includes a Velcro travel strap to easily carry to yoga classes
Measures 68cm x 11cm and weighs 2.7kg when strapped

Key Information

Asana Alignment System

As well as lines to align your hands and feet correctly widthway, the mat has lines to align them correctly lengthways. Plus, angled lines for standing poses and reverse points for back poses.

Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber

Not only is rubber super strong, but it's non-slip, sits flat to the floor, and doesn't curl up like foam. Plus, it's noise dampening, making it perfect if you’re practising yoga or working out upstairs.

CoreGrip Technology

Designed with a PU foam top which features CoreGrip technology for ultimate grip when holding a pose. To clean the foam, simply soak a towel in mild soap and water, wring it out, and gently wipe it down.

Velcro Strap Included

Looking to join a yoga class? Roll the mat up and take it with you using the Velcro strap included. When rolled up and strapped, it measures 68cm x 11cm x 11cm and weighs 2.7kg to easily carry.

Asana Alignment Lines

Horizonal Lines

Assists with keeping your hands and feet aligned, lengthways.

45° Line

Helps you to angle your heels correctly in standing postures.

Centre Line

Helps to achieve horizontal balance in alignment, widthways.

The Core

The epicentre of our mat, and the key to finding your balance.

Reverse Point

Helps you to align your feet and hands when you're on your back.

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