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Yoga and Pilates may seem like kindred spirits but there are clear distinctions between the two. For starters, yoga requires you to perform a pose and hold it for a few short breaths before transitioning into a new one. As well as stretching your muscles to improve your flexibility and joint mobility, it requires you to focus on your breathing which helps to free your mind of other thoughts. Hence why it’s such an excellent mind and body workout.

On the other hand, Pilates exercises require you to adopt a stationary position and then challenge your muscles by moving your arms and legs. As well as strengthening your core, Pilates exercises are great for improving your flexibility, balance, and postural alignment. Furthermore, Pilates exercises are less strenuous and complex than yoga poses which is why physiotherapists regularly use them to treat people recovering from muscular injuries.

Whether yoga is your bag or Pilates floats your boat, we’ve got the essentials you need to improve your performance and smash your goals. And, if you still can’t decide which exercise is best for you, you can find out more by reading our Yoga vs Pilates blog.

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