Pilates Ring

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Add a new dimension to your Pilates workout with the Core Balance Pilates Ring. Simple to use and perfect for toning muscles, this versatile prop provides gentle to moderate resistance whilst exercising and gives your body feedback to identify which muscle groups you're working. Designed for a comfortable workout The ring has a diameter of 15 inches and is made from strong, flexible metal with a thick foam surround and two foam pads for a safe and comfortable workout. The pads are situated on the interior and exterior of the ring, making it easier to grip so that you can work out even longer. How does the Pilates Ring work? The Pilates Ring can be used to work the arms and upper body by holding it between both hands and pushing gently together. It can also be held between your ankles or thighs to strengthen your leg muscles. As the sides are pushed together, they create resistance. What are the benefits of using it? This spring-like resistance system is perfect for full body workouts. The repetitive movements and pressure exerted helps to slim down and firm up targeted muscles. Due to its low impact, it defines muscles without difficulty or risk of injury. It's great for fitness pros and novices alike.
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Product Details

Take Pilates to a Whole New Level

  • For an easy way to spice up your Pilates workout, give our Pilates Ring a squeeze. By creating resistance when squeezed or stretched, it's perfect for adding an extra challenge to exercises.
  • As well as toning and strengthening muscles, our Pilates ring is great for improving balance, stamina, and flexibility. Plus, it activates a wider range of muscles to maximise your workout.

Perfect for Pilates, Fitness & Physio

  • As well as Pilates, it's perfect for yoga and home workouts, too. Squeeze it between your hands or arms for upper body workouts. Or between your ankles or thighs for lower body workouts.
  • Also, it's a safe way to rebuild strength if you're recovering from an injury. Because you can easily control the level of resistance, there's no risk of pushing your muscles too hard, too quickly.
Pilates Ring is perfect for adding resistance to exercises
Squeeze it or stretch it to suit the exercise you're doing
Foam padded handles for a firm and comfortable grip
Curved to easily grip between arms, thighs, and ankles
Durable, flexible metallic core with soft foam padding
Diameter of 35.6cm (38.1cm from handle to handle)
Lightweight to easily hold and carry (weighs just 1kg)
Suitable for Pilates, home workouts, yoga, and physio

Key Information

Foam Padded Handles

Foam padded handles provide a firm, comfy grip when holding the ring. Thanks to their curved design, they're also easy to grip between your thighs or ankles for a controlled, balanced workout.

Flexible Metallic Core

For optimal strength, we've designed the Pilates workout ring with a durable and flexible metallic core. Plus, we've coated it in foam padding to give you the protection you need when working out.

Lightweight & Portable

With a weight of 1kg and length of 38.1cm (from handle to handle), the Pilates ring is lightweight and compact to carry. So, if you're going away, you can pop it in your suitcase and take it with you.

Product Dimensions

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