Resistance Bands

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Build your strength, power and speed with Core Balance Resistance Bands. Designed to create tension and challenge your muscles when stretches, these versatile bands are perfect for working muscle groups in both your upper and lower body for a complete workout. 

Latex Material 

The bands are made from eco-friendly natural latex for superior elasticity and durability. No matter how hard you stretch them, they'll hold their shape. 


Each band is colour-coded to signify their level of resistance, enabling you to easily identify which one you're using and adjust the level of tension to target different muscle groups. 

Lightweight & Portable 

Resistance bands can be used as an alternative to dumbbells, for deadlifts and other exercises, but are compact and lightweight to pop into your bag and take wherever you go. 


Resistance bands are a popular physiotherapy tool because they're low intensity, put minimal pressure on your joints and can be used to target every muscle group. 

Strength Training 

As well as performing deadlifts, resistance bands can be used in conjunction with strength training equipment to increase the intensity of your workout. For example, you can use them to create resistance when bench-pressing or to assist you when you're doing pull-ups. 

Sports Training 

Resistance bands are perfect for improving your power if you're training for a particular sport, including your punch power, sprint power and even the power of your backhand in tennis. 


You can use resistance bands like a yoga strap. Simply loop them around your legs or feet to slowly stretch yourself into a yoga pose and improve your stability when you're holding a pose. 


  • Red Resistance Band: L280cm x W1.3cm x D0.45cm / Resistance: 7-15kg
  • Black Resistance Band: L280cm x W2.1cm x D0.45cm / Resistance: 10-30kg
  • Purple Resistance Band: L280cm x W3.2cm x D0.45cm / Resistance: 15-40kg
  • Green Resistance Band: L280cm x W4.5cm x D0.45cm / Resistance: 22-56kg
  • Build your muscles, improve your mobility and speed up your rehabilitation with Core Balance Resistance Bands
  • Premium bands made from natural latex material for superior durability and elasticity, no matter how far they're stretched
  • Choose from 4 different resistance levels to target different muscles and add greater versatility to your workout
  • Each resistance band is colour-coded to easily identify which resistance level you're using for your workout
  • Multi-purpose fitness aid can be used for pull-ups, bench-presses, sports training, deadlifts, squats, yoga and more
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Product Details

Strengthen Your Muscles

  • Set includes 4 x pull-up resistance bands which provide different levels of resistance to practise low and high-intensity workouts
  • Red resistance band (7kg to 15kg resistance), black band (10kg to 30kg), purple band (15kg to 40kg), and green band (22kg to 56kg)
  • Each band is colour-coded and labelled with their level of resistance, plus they’re made from latex for superior strength and elasticity
  • Unlike weights, you can regulate how far your stretch them to control the level or resistance and avoid pushing your muscles too hard
  • Perfect for stretches, recovery training, bicep curls, push-ups, squats, assisted pull-ups, bench presses, and many other exercises

Product Features

Key Information

Full Resistance Band Set

Give yourself a full body workout from the comfort of your home with our resistance band set. The set includes four latex bands which challenge your muscles by creating resistance when stretched. Like weights, they’re a winning way to build, tone, and strengthen your muscles.

Target Every Muscle Group

Because each band provides a different level of resistance, you can gradually increase the level of resistance as your strength and fitness improves. Also, whereas lighter bands are better for upper body workouts, stronger bands are perfect for lower body exercises.

Natural Latex Material

The resistance bands are made from natural latex for superior durability and elasticity when stretched. In addition, each band is a different colour and is clearly labelled with their level of resistance, allowing you to easily identify the best band for a specific workout.

Lightweight & Portable

If you want to keep your fitness up when you’re on holiday, resistance bands are a great alternative to weights. Unlike dumbbells, they’re lightweight to carry and small enough to fit in a bag. Furthermore, they can be stored inside a drawer to take up minimal storage space.


Whereas the level of resistance stays the same when you’re lifting weights, the level of resistance increases the further you stretch a resistance band. By allowing you to easily regulate the level of resistance, resistance bands prevent you pushing your muscles too far. As a result, they’re perfect for rebuilding your muscle strength if you’re recovering from an injury.

Strength Training

Weights are mostly used to strengthen your upper body, but resistance bands can be used to target every muscle group. For example, you can use them to add resistance to squats, kick backs, and other lower body exercises. In addition, you can use them with bench presses, pull up bars, and other equipment to give yourself a tougher challenge when you’re down the gym.

Sports Training

Resistance exercises are popular with athletes because they’re easily adaptable to suit specific sports. For instance, if you’re doing sprints, you can anchor one end of a band to a frame and the other end around your waist to create resistance and improve your running power. Likewise, if you’re shadowboxing, you can use a band to increase the power of your punch.

Yoga Practise

If you’re practising a yoga pose, you can use a resistance band instead of a yoga strap to improve your range of motion. For example, if you have difficulty reaching your feet during a Seated Forward Bend, you can loop a band around your feet. By creating resistance, it allows you to pull your hands closer towards your feet and stretch even deeper into a pose.

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