Maintaining a calorie deficit doesn't just mean cutting back on the burgers and ditching the mac and cheese. It also means regularly exercising. In the following blog, we'll discuss the best exercises for burning calories and losing weight.

And the best thing about them? You can do them from the comfort of your home.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate / Equipment: Exercise MatResistance BandsAnkle Weights, Exercise Steps, Hula Hoop / Focus: Aerobic

1. Running

Running is a high-impact aerobic exercise that burns a significant number of calories, depending on speed and duration. Because it engages lots of muscles, including your legs, glutes, and upper body, it increases your energy consumption. And the more energy you use, the more calories you'll burn.

Running is also one of the most convenient, versatile, and accessible exercises around. Not only can you do it outdoors, but you can do it indoors on a treadmill, or even on the spot. Also, you can strap on a pair of ankle weights to add some resistance when you’re running and work yourself even harder.

2. Hula Hooping

Not only is hula hooping fun, but it’s easy to do, regardless of your fitness. What’s more, it's seriously good for your health.

Doing a hula hoop workout gets your blood pumping and lifts your heart rate, making it a top calorie burner. In fact, a study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) found hula hooping burns 7 calories a minute. That's 210 calories every 30 minutes. Or a massive 420 calories per hour!

At Core Balance, we sell weighted hula hoops, which are heavier than the ones you probably played with as a kid. Because they're heavier, it's easier to build momentum and hula hoop for longer, leading to more calories burned.

3. Skipping

Skipping is a fantastic cardio workout that engages multiple muscle groups and burns calories super quick.

The high intensity of this exercise can significantly elevate your heart rate. This intensity requires a substantial amount of energy which is why skipping is such an effective way to burn calories. Like running, it's also easy to do at home, making it perfect if you don't have time for the gym.

Often, it involves intervals of intense activity (jumping) followed by brief periods of rest. This high work-to-rest ratio makes it particularly effective for calorie burning and weight loss.

4. Cycling

Whether on a stationary bike or a road bike, cycling can be a great way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness. 

Because it involves sustained rhythmic movements, rather than frequent stops and starts, it seriously elevates your heart rate. Also, it's a low-impact exercise, making it gentle on your joints and perfect for every fitness level. This includes people with joint issues or concerns about injury.

No bike? No problem. You can practice bicycle crunches with a resistance band for a low impact, high aerobic workout.

5. Rowing Exercises

Rowing is a great way to give yourself a full-body cardio workout. As a form of resistance training, it builds and tones muscles, helping you to burn more calories at rest than fat.

Although very efficient, rowing machines (and row boats!) are not accessible to everyone, especially if workout from home. Thankfully, you can get the same benefits by working out with a resistance band. Here's how:

Sitting in an L shape with your legs extended in front of you, wrap the resistance band around the front and backs of your feet. Keeping your abs tight, grab each end of the resistance band in each hand and pull back, just like you would if you were rowing.

Rowing with a band targets your upper body, including your arms, back, and core. You can also easily increase the challenge by increasing the resistance level of your band.

6. Stair Climbing 

Sometimes, everyday exercises are the best for burning calories. Climbing stars being a prime example. As a form of interval training, it incorporates short bursts of high intensity climbing, followed by periods of lower intensity or rest.

Interval training is one of the most effective strategies for calorie burning and fat loss.

Normally, people practise climbs using a stair machine, but an easy alternative is to climb up and down your stairs at home. Better still, you can do a step workout to your favourite music using one of our exercise steps.

7. Circuit Training 

Circuit workouts involve a series of different exercises performed in sequence with minimal rest. It's an efficient way to burn calories while also building strength. 

Circuit training involves a wide range of movements that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This full-body engagement requires a significant amount of energy, leading to higher calorie expenditure. 

Circuits can be adapted to different fitness levels and goals. You can vary the exercises, intensity, and duration to continually challenge your body and increase calorie expenditure. 

These workouts can also be made more intense with the added challenge with weights and resistance, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and resistance bands.  

8. HIIT Workout  

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves doing short bursts of intense exercise, followed by brief periods of rest. Because it's an intense workout, it's an efficient way to burn calories and improve fitness. 

For best results, we recommend using a mat for your HIIT workout to minimise the risk of injuries and aches and pains afterwards. We have a great range of mats to choose from as well as a comparison guide to help you pick the perfect one.

Like circuits, you can also increase the intensity of your HIIT workout by adding dumbbells or kettlebells. Check out our weights and resistance range to spice up your high intensity workout!

9. Strength Training   

Strength training builds lean muscle, boosting your metabolism, so you burn calories even when you're resting.

As well as helping you burn calories and lose weight, strength training also helps to strengthen your bones and joints. Plus, it's a winning way to sculpt your abs!

Lifting weights or doing a kettlebell workout isn't the only way to practise strength training. You can also use resistance bands or a slam ball, just like the guy in the video.

10. Kickboxing   

For a high-intensity calorie burning exercise that incorporates martial arts, there's no beating kickboxing. 

Research by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that kickboxing can burn 350 to 400 calories per hour. And the benefits don't stop there. Kickboxing also strengthens your legs, arms, glutes, and core, improving your overall power, flexibility, agility, and health!

Studies have found that kickboxing also benefits your mental health, combatting feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. So, it's a workout that's good for your body and your mind.

No partner or punching bag to hand? No problem. You can practise dynamic exercises such as jumping jack squats to give yourself a lower body workout.

Remember, factors such as weight, workout intensity, and duration determine the number of calories burned. To achieve the best results, it's important to combine cardio exercise with a healthy diet. By doing so, you'll create a calorie deficit, which is essential for weight loss and calorie control.

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