Pilates Equipment (22)

  1. Core Balance Pilates Ball Purple
    Pilates Ball
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  2. Core Balance Gym Ball Grey
    Gym Ball
    SAVE 63% RRP £34.99
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  3. Best Pilates Ring Circle available in the Core Balance range
    Pilates Ring
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  4. Grey Core Balance Pilates Mat
    NBR Pilates Mat
    SAVE 52% RRP £29.99
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  5. Extra Large Mat Grey
    Extra Large Exercise Mat
    SAVE 54% RRP £69.99
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Looking to practise Pilates from the comfort of your home? It’s easy enough with our Pilates equipment. Forget about the Wunda Chair, Reformer, Cadillac, and other wildly named contraptions invented by Joseph Pilates, because our Pilates equipment is small enough to use at home, down the park, or wherever your workout takes you. That said, all of our Pilates equipment stays true to the principles of Joseph Pilates with a focus on strengthening your core and improving your flexibility, balance, and postural alignment. As well as thick Pilates mats to comfortably cushion your bones and joints, we have small Pilates balls to improve your body alignment and Pilates rings to challenge your core in a comfortable, balanced way.

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