Resistance Bands (7)

  1. Set of Core Balance Resistance Tubes With Handles
    Resistance Tubes (100lb to 200lb)
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Looking to build your muscles but reluctant to work out with weights? Resistance bands are a winning solution. Like dumbbells and kettlebells, they’re designed to challenge your muscles and increase your strength, only they do so in a completely different way. Whereas the level of resistance stays the same when you’re lifting dumbbells, the level of resistance increases the more you stretch a resistance band. As a result, they’re great for gradually building your muscles because you can increase how far you stretch them as your strength improves. Also, they’re safe to use if you’re recovering from an injury because you can regulate how far you stretch them without pushing your muscles too far.

We stock a wide range of resistance bands to target different muscle groups. For example, our mini resistance bands and fabric resistance bands are perfect for adding resistance to squats and lower body exercises. Conversely, long resistance bands are perfect for increasing the intensity of bicep curls and upper body exercises. Plus, you can use them with gym equipment, such as a bench press or pull up bar to add resistance to bench presses and pull ups. In addition, we have resistance tubes which come with attachable handles, ankle straps, and a door anchor to perform chest flys and other exercises. Better still, you can easily clip two resistance tubes together to change the level of resistance.

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