Weights & Resistance (18)

  1. Core Balance Bone Dumbbells stacked on top of each other
    Bone Dumbbells Pair (0.5kg to 3kg)
    SAVE 82% RRP £39.99
    In stock
  2. Core Balance Ankle and Wrist Weights
    Ankle & Wrist Weights Pair (0.5kg to 2kg)
    SAVE 71% RRP £29.99
    In stock
  3. Core Balance Hex Dumbbells stacked on top of each other
    Hex Dumbbells Pair (1kg to 10kg)
    SAVE 92% RRP £109.99
    In stock
  4. Set of Core Balance Vinyl Kettlebells, ranging from 2kg to 12kg
    Vinyl Kettlebell (2kg to 12kg)
    SAVE 79% RRP £44.99
    In stock
  5. Set of Core Balance Resistance Tubes With Handles
    Resistance Tubes (100lb to 200lb)
    SAVE 82% RRP £44.99
    In stock
  6. Core Balance Medicine Slam Balls
    Medicine Slam Ball (3kg to 15kg)
    SAVE 73% RRP £49.99
    In stock
  7. Set of Core Balance Neoprene Kettlebells, ranging from 4kg to 20kg
    Neoprene Kettlebell (4kg to 20kg)
    SAVE 87% RRP £119.99
    In stock

Whether you want your muscles to look big and bulky or toned and lean, you’ll find the equipment you need in our weights and resistance collection. Take our dumbbells. As well as heavier dumbbells to build and strengthen your muscles, we have lighter dumbbells which are perfect for adding resistance to exercises and toning your muscles up. Likewise, our kettlebells range from light to heavy to challenge your muscles in a variety of ways.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have slam balls which are great for adding resistance to exercises, such as squats and burpees. Plus, you can slam them on the ground to increase your functional strength and power. Finally, our resistance bands are a lightweight alternative to weights which are easy to carry wherever you go. As well as adding resistance to exercises, they’re an excellent way to rebuild your strength after a muscular injury.

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