Hex Dumbbells Pair (1kg to 10kg)

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Find a perfect weight for your workout with Neoprene Hex Dumbbells from Core Balance. The dumbbells are available in pairs ranging from 1kg to 10kg. Choose a lighter pair of dumbbells for cardio and endurance workouts or a heavier pair to build your strength and muscle mass. 

Anti-Roll Hexagonal Shape 

The dumbbells have fixed hexagonal weights to stop them rolling on your floor or gym mat. This ensures they’re always within easy reach when you’re working out. 

Comfortable Neoprene Coating 

The dumbbells have a neoprene coating which has a softer feel than cast iron or rubber-coated dumbbells for a firm, comfortable grip, even when your hands are sweaty. 

Heavy-Duty Cast-Iron Core 

The dumbbells have a cast-iron core. This makes them far more durable than vinyl-coated dumbbells which are filled with concrete and are prone to cracking if you drop them. 

Sculpting & Toning Muscles 

Our lighter 1kg to 3kg dumbbells are great for cardio and endurance workouts whilst our heavier 4kg to 6kg dumbbells are ideal for sculpting and toning your muscles. 

Building & Strengthening Muscles 

If you want to strengthen your muscles and build your muscle mass, start off by using a pair of 7kg or 8kg dumbbells and gradually increase the capacity to 9kg and 10kg. 


  • Pair of hex dumbbells
  • Cast-iron construction
  • Neoprene coating
  • Brand: Core Balance
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Product Details

Strengthen Your Muscles

  • Choose from a pair of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, or 10kg dumbbells to sculpt, strengthen, and build your muscles
  • Designed with a soft-grip neoprene coating which is super comfortable to hold and can be easily wiped clean
  • Cast-iron core makes them much tougher than vinyl-coated dumbbells which are filled with concrete and are prone to cracking
  • Fixed hexagonal weights prevent them rolling, so they're always within reach and can be safely used for push-ups
  • Each set is a different colour to match other products in the Core Balance range and easily identify which dumbbells you’re using

Product Features

Strengthen Muscles


Non-Slip Grip

Sweat Resistant

Strong & Durable

Key Information

Building Muscle? Flex the Hex!

So, you wanna bulk up and get ripped, huh? Our hex dumbbells are your golden ticket. Whereas our bone dumbbells are on the lighter side and great for cardio workouts, our hex dumbbells come in heavier weights to seriously work your muscles and test your strength.

Fixed Hexagonal Plates

There’s a reason they’re called hex dumbbells. Instead of circular plates, they have fixed hexagonal plates. The hex plates prevent them rolling along the floor, making them great for floor-based circuits, such as dumbbell push-ups. It also makes them easy to store away.

Soft-Grip Neoprene Coating

Our hex dumbbells have a soft-grip neoprene coating which makes them comfier to hold than cast-iron or rubber-coated dumbbells, especially if you’re doing circuits and regularly picking them up. Sweaty hands? Fear not, because neoprene also retains its grip when sweaty.

Durable Cast-Iron Core

We’ve designed our hex dumbbells with a heavy-duty cast-iron core to give them a perfectly balanced weight. Unlike vinyl-coated dumbbells, which are usually filled with concrete or cement, there’s no danger of our dumbbells chipping or cracking if you drop them on the floor.

Easy to Clean, Hygienic to Use

One of the benefits of having a neoprene coating is that the dumbbells are easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth to ensure they’re fresh and ready when you next workout. Neoprene is also safe and hygienic because it’s free from Phthalates and nasty chemicals.

Go from Strength to Strength

Just starting out? Our hex dumbbells come in pairs ranging from 1kg to 10kg, so you can start off light and work your way up. Dumbbells weighing 1kg to 6kg are great for sculpting your muscles whereas 7kg to 10g dumbbells are perfect for bulking up and building strength.

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